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Pratt Machinery pays much attention to the construction of human resources, recruitment of all talent employees is the most precious wealth. We know that every employee of selfless dedication and hard work is the greatest power to promote progress and development company, inter-disciplinary talent is the cornerstone of enterprise development. Our employees are collective enthusiasm of hope, we are looking forward to excellent talents with wisdom, enthusiasm and creativity to join Pratt Machinery, join us for the challenges and opportunities. Our core values are: to create wealth for the society, create value for customers, creating opportunities for employees. To do for employees, customers, honest, and trustworthy and respect at the same time, also requires each employee to be honest, and trustworthy and respected. We respect each employees from different cultural background, and provide them with good and safe working conditions as well as training and development opportunities. Encourage the development of every employee to participate in the company, in order to improve company performance put forward constructive opinions and Suggestions. Our success depends on the staff team cooperation, work hard and to contribute.
We have always advocated humanized management, we always adhere to the human resources development work & respect people, cultivate people, achievement of talent concept, adhere to the concept innovation, system innovation, growth and competition for talent to build a fair, just and open atmosphere, establish a respect for talent, develop talent and give full play to the personal potential mechanism, guarantee the development of the enterprise and realize personal value biggest perfect, harmonious and unified.
There is no best, only better, our excellent team better because of your joining. We are looking forward to your attention and Pratt Machinery are looking forward to your joining!


Job Offers

We work together to create a good atmosphere for employees' self-development and provide more opportunities for employees to display their talents


Recruiting Department




  • Electrical Engineer

    Technical Department

    Senior high school


    2022-08-08 17:04

    Salary: 5000-8000
    Years of working: No limit
    Working place: Jiangsu Province-Nantong City-Haian City

    1) Electrical related major, college degree or above;
    2) Complete the electrical system scheme design according to the project requirements;
    3) Responsible for the design and drawing of electrical schematics, layouts, control cabinets and internal electrical layouts;
    4) Responsible for project factory commissioning and on-site commissioning tasks;
    5) Responsible for the preparation, update and filing of electrical system technical documents in the project;

  • Mechanical Engineers

    Technical Department

    Bachelor degree or above


    2022-08-08 17:00

    Salary: 5000-8000
    Years of working: No limit
    Working place: Jiangsu Province-Nantong City-Haian City

    1) Mechanical major Bachelor degree or above. Familiar with CAD drawing.
    2) Have certain experience in machining and equipment.
    3) Organize technical documents and write technical documents.
    4) Cooperate with electrical engineer to complete product design.
    5) Integrity, no bad records, cheerful, studious and positive.

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