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Fixed Vibration Table

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Table-fixed sand compaction equipment for sand compaction of ground molding

The vibrating table is mainly used with the sand mixer to realize the compaction of the sand mold in the process of self-hardening sand molding.

The main technical parameters

Stationary type vibratory table parameters
Model Weight Table surface Length x Width Remarks
J2Z2101 1 1200x900            Can be made upon request of
J2Z2102 2 1500x1200
J2Z2103 3 2000x1500
J2Z2105 5 2500x2500
J2Z2106 6 2000x1200
J2Z2108 8 2500x1800
J2Z2110 10 2000x2000
J2Z2112 12 2500x1800
J2Z2115 15 3500x3000
J2Z2120 20 4000x4000
J2Z2125 25 4000x3000
J2Z2130 30 3000x3000
J2Z2140 40 5000x4000
J2Z2150 50 3600x3600
J2Z2180 80 7000x5000
J2Z21120 120 7000X7000


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